Earena is the world of The Aldersgate. A small world, by planetary standards, it has one large land-mass and a series of islands, or archipelagos.

At the time of the Great Collision, 400 years ago, the main continent was populated by the Soderon in the West and the Ardesi tribe in the East; the Purney Rise, a range of mountains, separated the two peoples, and they lived relatively peacefully.

In 100 the first wave of colonists arrived from the Great Islands to the North. The Northern Archipelago includes the Great Island (Waya), Mor, and Fenlie, as well as a series of other, smaller islands. Primary colonists came from Waya and Mor, and eventually drove the Soderon completely south, and the Ardesi over the Purney Rise.

It is currently comprised of Queensland, the Territories, Soderon, and Ardesia.