Known as the "Green Island" Mor is most famous for housing the center of Bardic learning, Dunlee. It is the second largest island of the Great Islands. However, it has a higher population than Waya, due to its better fishing grounds, schools of learning, and transportation routes. Like all the Great Islands, Mor is ruled by a Duke, who is beholden to the queen in Queensland.

Prior to royal control, Mor's bards were the law of the land. Bards were sent to all corners of the continent. In the years since the establishment of the royal regime, bards have taken a secondary role as entertainers and scholars, rather than lawmakers.

A person from Mor is often called Morish, or a Mor. Many Mors are simply called Islanders, though this is considered a slight as each of the island clans considers themselves separate from the rest.

In The Aldersgate, Emry Roy is identified as being from a merchant family in Mor, of middling noble status. He grew up in a privileged background, but was sent to Dunlee because he was a youngest son, and showed musical promise early.