The Order of the Oak is a knighting order established in the year 220 by Queen Vylaes. They are messenger knights.

The crest of the Order of the Oak

The Writ of Barnesy Edit

In 218, a proposition was brought to court by Earl Barnsey, a prolific advocat and merchant. He was frustrated with the lack of communication throughout his trade routes, importing silks from Ardesia and ivory from peaceful parts of Soderon, and believed that a more streamlined method of communication than the messenger post be established. The existing post was made of civilians, who were often robbed and killed in the process. Citing the ever-growing male population, and the swollen numbers of the Asp and Rose, Barnsey brought forth the idea of a two new orders: the Order of the Oak and the Order of the Hart.

Sir Jeseph Randolf Edit

When the Writ of Barnsey passed in 220, the Order of the Oak came under the rule of Sir Jeseph Randolf, formerly of the Order of the Asp. Sir Randolf's first order of business was to establish trade routes through the Continent and Territories, later to be expanded with the Treaty at Fenlie to the Isles as well. While many of the routes are still used today, they are less maintained due to the use of airships. The phrase "Going Jeseph's way" among the order indicates traveling solely by foot.

The War of the Winds Edit

While the Order of the Oak did not see as much military action as the other orders during the disputes in the War of the Winds, they nonetheless were an essential component to the success of the campaign. By the mid-300s they were using early airships and, out of enemy range, they were able to quickly get information and tactical details to Hartleigh. Unfortunately in the year 370 the largest airship in the Oak's service, The Blue Shadow, crashed some miles from the Soderon border, killing 500 knights aboard. Queen Maelys I, then in her early thirties, ordered five retinues of Order of the Rose to stand with the Order of the Asp at the border and fend back the Soderon threat. Maelys then poured great time and energy, mostly at the hands of her Chief Engineer Robin Creekwise, to develop new airships with more precise steering. It is for this reason that the Oak has access to more technology than most of the other orders. Many among them are petty engineers themselves. At the time of The Aldersgate they number about 4,000; 3,000 reside on the Continent, and the remainder in the Isles.

Role in the Burning of Vell Edit

It is rumored that under the orders of Sir Gregory Ander the Order of the Asp was involved in the burning of Vell and the slaughter at Barnet, but according to the crown the deeds were ascribed to the Order of the Asp. Shortly after a scuffle with the Aspguard, Sir Ander's retinue was largely destroyed. Ander, Sir Jesper, and Doc Heyley were taken captive by the Order of the Asp and as of the conclusion of The Aldersgate their locations are unknown by the crown.