The Aldersgate Cycle

Sir Lee Renmen is one of the leading members of the Order of the Asp , a makeshift priest, and a Seer.

Early Life[]

Lee Renmen was born to a family of groomsmen, forty years ago, in the sizeable town of Weston, to the direct south of Hartleigh City. His father was Vern Renmen, and his mother was Della Renmen. One of six boys, Lee was raised around horses as his father was employed by the late king, Edgar Vezina and his family. They provided not only horses, but also hands to help keep the stables at Hartleigh Castle. While Della and her younger boys spent most of the time in Weston, Lee and his father Vern--along with his two eldest brothers Kurt and Stephen--spent much of their time at Hartleigh. Lee was considered something of a savant with horses, and was breaking stallions by the age of ten.

Death in the family[]

A minor plague swept through Weston when Lee was twelve, and as a result, everyone but his father and brothers in Hartleigh were killed. The king was sorely grieved, and allowed Lee to be enlisted in the Order of the Asp, the border knights of the realm.

Role in the Order of the Asp[]

Renmen reached a status of full knight in his seventeenth year, and was privy to the intiation rites of the Order of the Asp. These practices are considered by and large secret.

When the Order of the Asp was given over to Sally Din, Renmen was the foremost supporter. As a lower-class woman of dubious birth, he believed her rise was both symbolic and timely. Under her rule, Renmen has been allowed to pursue some of his more intriguing obsessions, including rediscovering lost religions, and fashioning himself as something of a priest among the order. In spite of their closer relationship--or perhaps because of it--Din granted Renmen freedom to depart from the retinue from time to time in pursuit of his wiles.

Role as a Seer[]

Renmen believes he is a Seer, one of the classes of magic users known before the Great Collision including Summoners, Speakers, healers, and death dancers. Most consider his assertions to be less than trustworthy, but he believes that since the fall of the Aldersgate, his powers have only increased.