Before the Great Collision, the Soderon people were the most powerful on Earena, a pinnacle of civilization and culture. It is believed that the Bardic Tradition was born there.

The people are darker complected than any other inhabitants of Earena, with black hair and eyes. They are dedicated to the gods and goddesses of old, in contrast to Continentals and Ardesians, who are Dranists by and large. Some believe that they possess the ability to perform black magic, but this is widely thought to be simply exaggeration on some of their shamanistic practices.

The Soderon suffer fromQueen's Curse, but to a somewhat lesser extent than the Continentals, Islanders, and Ardesians. Unlike in the North, women are considered inferior to men in most contexts, and live together in their own homes, rather than with their spouses. Women are often shared between men, due to their scarcity, and children are considered to be owned by the particular tribe rather than the set of parents.

A semi-nomadic culture, the Soderon have recently sown dissent among one another. King Alivar, typically peaceful with the Continentals, has taking up residence in a village soutwest of the Border, and has been in conflict with a usurper in the Southeast.