Despite the vague name, the Territories are in fact a part of Queensland. It is comprised of seven counties: Terrence, Quincy, Lawson, Darvey, Jessup, Holloway, and Rydell. Each county has a capital town: Barnet in Terrence, Garmantown in Quincy, Burkestown in Lawson, Mayson in Darvey, Calfras in Jessup, Hyatt in Holloway, and Vell in Rydell.

Culture and Population Edit

Due to the difficulty of the terrain in the Territories--from the rocky east to the middle prairies, and southern desert--the population is typically considered less favorable for Alderclass citizens. The majority of the population are underclass, or middling and/or disinherited nobles. Most are descendants of indentured servants, workers, and tradesmen who helped in the colonization of the area three centuries before under the reign of Queen Carine I.

Primary trades include cattle, corn, and minerals from the Purney Rise.

Aldermen Edit

While in Queensland every township has at least one Alderman, only the capital towns in the Territories have representation, contributing from one--as in the case of Mayson--to six, in larger towns like Garmantown and Burkestown. Aldermen are always Alderclass, and are appointed by the queen. Their families, as a result, are at the center of goings on in Territories towns, and help to infuse a cense of civility into the sometimes remote towns and surrounding villages. Aldermen act as judges and civil managers, while their sherriffs and deputies take care of disputes and the upholding of laws.

"The people grew hard out in the Territories." - from the Prologue

Native Territories Characters Edit